Find Your Strongest Life: A review

5 10 2009

This is the latest in a series of book reviews that I’ve posted as a Thomas Nelson book review blogger.  Go here for more information on the program and to sign up.

It feels a little odd posting a review of Marcus Buckingham’s Find Your Strongest Life, given the book’s subtitle “What the happiest and most successful women do differently.”

I was intrigued by the book’s premise though, that people (women in this case) can live a life that plays to their strengths — a life that energizes them rather than drains them.

Marcus’ definition of “strengths” as activities that make us feel strong (and weaknesses as activities that make us feel weak) serves as the foundation for this book that explores so many specific issues and roadblocks to living a strong life that women deal with.

I enjoyed it because it gave me a better perspective on life issues that face over 50% of the world’s population, and because it helped me think seriously about my own strengths and the things that energize me.

My main takeaway relative to my journey as an entrepreneur was that selling for me must be a weakness, because it drains me and I avoid it like the plague — maybe I’ll elaborate more in a future post.

Regardless of whether you buy the book, the strong life test is available for free, and worth a look.  In case you’re curious, my lead role is teacher and my supporting role is pioneer (I took the test, even though it is clearly written for women).