The secret sauce of an entrepreneur

9 02 2010

The week after I posted my simple business plan, I was workin’ it.  I did everything I could to make at least one sales call per day to keep the momentum going.  I always found that after that first call I found energy and motivation to make a few more.  It’s always getting started that’s the hard part.

And so I’ve been thinking about what makes a good entrepreneur.  And one quality I keep coming back to is determination.  Or to better phrase it, “pigheaded discipline and determination“.

This means making non-negotiable disciplines truly non-negotiable, and relentlessly pursuing my business goals every day, whether I feel like it or not.

Add a dash of passion and focus, stir it up with some momentum, and I believe you’ve got the secret sauce of an entrepreneur.

Of course, the sauce isn’t the meal — you have to actually have an idea too 🙂  Anything missing from this secret recipe?


Learning the Art of the Start: Recap

13 10 2008

Note: this post is long overdue, and is sort of a warm-up for posts later this month.  In fact, this Thursday is the first birthday of AnotherStartup.

A while back I created a series of posts on The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki.  Each post below correlates with one of five sections in Guy’s book.  I’ve hit a few of the high points, but I recommend you buy the book or check out the video below if these pique your interest.

Reading and applying Guy’s ideas has been immensely helpful for me, and I still have a lot to learn about the art of starting — especially when it comes to connecting with customers and making sales (part four).

For those who aren’t quite ready to read the entire book, Tomas from The Closet Entrepreneur clued me in to a 40 minute talk on the Art of the Start given by Guy himself.  Guy is a great speaker, and the video below is a worthy summary of his book.