Book review: The Noticer

26 04 2009

_140_245_Book.50.coverThis past weekend I read The Noticer by Andy Andrews and was impressed by how such a quick read with a simple message could be so powerful.

Andy weaves pieces of his own life story into a tale about a man named Jones, who mysteriously appears to those in need, offering the gift of perspective.  Many meet Jones when they feel as if their life has no purpose and no chance of getting better.  Jones disagrees and offers the hope of a brighter future by viewing the person’s struggle with new eyes.

The biggest takeaway from the book for me is the truth that everything we do matters, and our perspective largely impacts what we do and how we do it.  If I truly believe that each day counts and trust that my actions are making a difference in the lives of others, I can move with confidence.

This truth is applicable to everyone, but entrepreneurs specifically can find rest and renewal in the reality of a new perspective.  I know I’ve thought hundreds of times about abandoning some of my hopes and endeavors only to be filled with renewed energy after realizing a different perspective, many times through conversations with a potential customer or friend.

Fresh perspective is always needed, and The Noticer offers a few keys to discovering and living in a new, brighter reality.


Book review blogger

26 04 2009

A few months ago I signed up to become a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson.  I’d been on a bit of a reading kick since discovering the Personal MBA and couldn’t resist the book review program when I read the details.

I really would like to post my thoughts on the five or so books from the PMBA that I’ve read (and the other Thomas Nelson book that I’m currently reading), but my schedule at this point doesn’t leave too much time for blogging.

Or, to say it more clearly — I haven’t made blogging a priority 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be posting my first official book review blogger review on The Noticer by Andy Andrews.  It was a quick read, but a good book on the importance and power of perspective.