Deliberating about the CWA Summit

9 03 2008

Last year I received a scholarship to attend the CWA Summit in Boulder, Colorado. This was before I had a version of the software to sell, and so after I freaked out about going I came up with a few goals for my time there.

Looking back on the summit, it didn’t really give me any sales leads, but it did give me a chance to get some feedback on my product from EntrePrises USA. I also spoke with the CEO of EntrePrises, Eric Meade, and got a feel for the potential market size I’d be catering to. Overall it was a great experience, and with the scholarship I only had to pay about $500 out of pocket to go.

So here’s the dilemma: The 2008 CWA Summit is going to be held on May 1-4, and the scholarship application was released just a few days ago. Now that I have a finished product (and a demo version) to show off, I’m slightly inclined to go again to see if anyone wants to buy it. But at the same time, I feel like I already have quite a few contacts in the climbing community…and I’m not looking forward to spending the cash on airfare and a hotel stay for the weekend.

It’s true that if one person decides to buy the software as a result of the trip, then I’ll pretty much break even or come out a little ahead (that gives you an idea of what I’m planning to charge). But what do you think? Is it a no-brainer?

I think I do want to go but am a little hesitant to commit — though I need to submit my application in the next day or so to get the best shot at a scholarship.