Hi, my name is Barrett Myers, and this blog is all about what I’m learning as an entrepreneur and software developer operating as an ISV. Most of what I write here will relate to ClimbPoint, which is software to centralize and streamline climbing wall management (kind of a niche market).

I recently completed my Masters in Computer & Information Technology at Purdue University, and used my Masters Project to get a jump start on commercializing my software. I’m currently working part-time for DelMar Information Technologies while I work on my own time to mold ClimbPoint into a commercial product.

ClimbPoint got its start in the summer of 2005 when I wrote some software for the climbing wall at the University of Kentucky. The software allowed employees at the wall to keep track of who was using the wall, whether someone signed a waiver or received training, and what kind of gear they needed. After talking with a few others in the climbing community about this sort of software, and after I couldn’t find anything similar already on the market, I decided to begin exploring the possibility of commercializing it.

So there you have it. If you’re new here, my first post provides some good background information, and this one describes my plan for commercialization (though my plans have changed slightly since learning the art of the start).

Lastly, if you have any intention of reading this blog (or any blog for that matter) on a regular basis, I highly recommend using a feed reader like Google Reader. I absolutely love Google Reader because it’s simple and it has keyboard shortcuts, the mark of any quality application.

You can reach me by posting a comment below or sending an email to contact me

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14 11 2007

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