Building a sales machine

9 09 2008

I’ve been getting quite a few good ideas about business while reading The Ultimate Sales Machine, some of which I hope to post about here soon.  In the meantime I’d like to fill you in on an initiative that I started a couple weeks ago that’s helping me apply what I’ve been learning.

My goal is to sell four licenses of ClimbPoint by the end of September, which will enable me to travel to AORE out in San Diego to talk with others in outdoor education who are likely to have climbing walls in their rec centers.

Four sounds like a lot to me, but I think it’s doable.  I have a list of over two hundred universities with indoor climbing walls, and my plan is to call about ten universities per week over the span of six weeks.  I’ve already contacted about thirty universities, with mixed results.

Ideally I’d like to contact about a hundred universities by the end of the month, as it would mean that I’d need about a 5% conversion rate to achieve my goal.  We’ll see if the ideas in The Ultimate Sales Machine help me hone my selling skills and ramp up the number of sales calls I can make in a week.

Setting the bar high with a crazy goal like this has been motivating for me.  It also helps that AORE is in San Diego, a place I enjoy visiting.  If I make it there, I’ll definitely spend some time surfing and hanging out on the beach.

For now though, it’s back to working on the machine 🙂


Side note: I realize that in dealing with universities it’s highly unrealistic that I’ll be able to introduce them to ClimbPoint, convince them to buy, and collect the cash all in a month’s time.  It may be a long shot, but I have to try!




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