Adventures in graphic design

3 05 2008

Since I last blogged about The Art of the Start I’ve been busy starting…but I’ll get the last post in that series up in a few days, hopefully.

A couple weeks ago I got a decent logo from Gary Simon, and since then I’ve been busy polishing up a brand new website and creating some slick business cards…all in preparation to head to Boulder for the CWA Summit.

The new logo is front and center on both the website and business card design, and I’m really glad that I decided to pay someone else to do it. I’ve done some graphic design before, but even now it often seems tedious and frustrating to me.

I ended up having Gary design my business cards as well, and I thought he did a pretty good job with the overall style of the cards. And while I liked the original concept that he sent me, I felt it was a bit cluttered and decided to clean it up a bit before sending it off to OvernightPrints.

Here’s the finished product:
ClimbPoint business card

Side note: for those of you who know me, that phone number is courtesy of GrandCentral.

While I was waiting on the business cards to arrive I decided to polish up the website. I chose WordPress to host the site, at least initially, because I figured it would be relatively easy to set up provided I could find a decent theme. It was also dirt cheap to add the custom domain of (I think it’s about $15/year).

Here’s the header I came up with:
ClimbPoint header

One last side note…The header, while relatively simple, took a long time to design. I blame this on my ineptitude with PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. I spent about 45 minutes just trying to add the picture of the rock into Illustrator. Finally a friend pointed out that I just needed to choose File->Place from the menu. Place? Seriously, that makes no sense to me…so I’ll likely continue to outsource my graphic design.

Anyway, the site is now live. Take a look and let me know what you think!




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