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25 04 2008

As a graphic designer/printer I’m glad to hear when people make that leap of trust into the hands of a professional. We don’t bite!

..though I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great customer service experience.

I do think your logo has a clean, modern software/techy/web look to it.

25 04 2008
Logan Buesching

I really like your new logo, and definitely believe that having something done professionally really helps. Design is always a crutch for myself, so I had my sister design my logo (sweet Christmas present), and another friend design my business website, both of which I am extremely proud of.

Glad to hear you liked your logo, look forward to seeing the software be a success!

7 05 2008
Adventures in graphic design « Another Startup

[…] couple weeks ago I got a decent logo from Gary Simon, and since then I’ve been busy polishing up a brand new website and creating […]

16 05 2008
Software outsourcing

[…] Really wonderful logo design ! and the banner of your site really suits to the logo of your site. thought of that designer is appreciatable.[….]

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