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14 04 2008
andy lane

I like #3. But the PoolTools logo you made is the best of all time 🙂

14 04 2008
Barrett Myers

Yeah I was gonna mention that in the post 🙂 The crazy thing about the PoolTools logo is that I did it entirely by hand in Photoshop. It took awhile to get it looking right though, so I have a hard time psyching myself up to do another one like that

14 04 2008
Bob Myers

I like #5 from your first round. It somehow looks most “professional” to me. However I would also like to see some of those you’ve sketched out, maybe with some enhancement, suggestions from someone with an art trained eye. A logo will be around a long time and our culture is very visual.

24 04 2008
Outsourcing design to get a decent logo « Another Startup

[…] design to get a decent logo 24 04 2008 A couple weeks ago when I was searching for a decent logo I had all but decided to go with something churned out by an automated logo creator. After thinking […]

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