Going to Boulder (again)

22 03 2008

After some deliberation I’ve decided to attend the second annual Climbing Wall Summit in Boulder, Colorado. I got a lot out of the last conference, and I’m looking forward to this one because of the opportunity to speak with Dan Hague from Climbing Wall Management LLC. Dan helped write the third edition of the CWA Industry Practices, which I reviewed when brainstorming potential features, and I recently sent him a 30 day trial of ClimbPoint.

At the conference Dan will be presenting a workshop on choosing climbing gym software, so I’m looking forward to learning a thing or two about what commercial gyms are doing in that area. I also plan to travel out to Boulder prepared to sell a few copies of ClimbPoint to climbing wall managers at university recreation centers. I can’t wait to make the trip, and I’ve got five weeks to prepare and come up with some objectives for the time out there.

On another note, I got a stellar deal on airfare and hotel from Travelocity. I generally use Farecast to get a feel for the best time to buy (which from my experience is about six weeks out), and this time I tried bundling hotel and airfare together to save some money. To top it off, I got a nonstop flight from Indy to Denver in the middle of the day. I’m psyched.




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