Deliberating about the CWA Summit

9 03 2008

Last year I received a scholarship to attend the CWA Summit in Boulder, Colorado. This was before I had a version of the software to sell, and so after I freaked out about going I came up with a few goals for my time there.

Looking back on the summit, it didn’t really give me any sales leads, but it did give me a chance to get some feedback on my product from EntrePrises USA. I also spoke with the CEO of EntrePrises, Eric Meade, and got a feel for the potential market size I’d be catering to. Overall it was a great experience, and with the scholarship I only had to pay about $500 out of pocket to go.

So here’s the dilemma: The 2008 CWA Summit is going to be held on May 1-4, and the scholarship application was released just a few days ago. Now that I have a finished product (and a demo version) to show off, I’m slightly inclined to go again to see if anyone wants to buy it. But at the same time, I feel like I already have quite a few contacts in the climbing community…and I’m not looking forward to spending the cash on airfare and a hotel stay for the weekend.

It’s true that if one person decides to buy the software as a result of the trip, then I’ll pretty much break even or come out a little ahead (that gives you an idea of what I’m planning to charge). But what do you think? Is it a no-brainer?

I think I do want to go but am a little hesitant to commit — though I need to submit my application in the next day or so to get the best shot at a scholarship.




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10 03 2008

I would say go for it. I believe that conferences are a very, very good way to network with other people, and a great way to push software. Maybe you can even give a speech about your new software, and how it simplifies things for people etc… (cfp deadline was end of February, but maybe they can accept a late abstract?)

10 03 2008
Bob Myers

It seems resonable to apply for the scholarship and plan on going. The players in the business may have changed in a year, and or have different insights after another year in business. Any reconnection with those you meet or any new contacts would cetainly represent allot of potential business. The standard in any sales area of business is the more contacts the better. So unless you have other pressing issues I think it could be very benefical.

10 03 2008
Barrett Myers

“The players in the business may have changed in a year”

Yeah and I keep having this feeling that there are others out there who are working on similar software. Since I’ve got mine ready to go right now, I think I should take advantage of the opportunity.

I thought briefly about submitting an abstract a few months ago, but I passed because right now my target market represents a small percentage of the people who will be attending the conference. There is someone who is putting on a workshop on how to choose climbing wall software, so I may try to get in touch with him before the conference so that he can mention ClimbPoint as an option for Universities.

22 03 2008
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