Moving toward an open beta

19 02 2008

Thus far in my development of ClimbPoint I have basically hand-picked my beta testers. Early on this served a few purposes. First, I wanted to give each tester some personal attention and work closely with them to gather their feedback. Second, I knew the software wasn’t quite polished yet, so I wanted to generate a little buzz…but not hype. Finally, I knew my initial market would be university climbing walls, so I wanted to be strategic in who I sent the software to.

Now that my first beta period is coming to a close, I’ve begun to open it up to a few more schools — most recently Clemson University — and I’m considering opening it up to commercial climbing gyms. This is somewhat of a diversion from my initial plan, as I hadn’t anticipated that the initial version of the software would actually be useful for a commercial gym.

However, after a few conversations with the owner of RedPoint Indoor Climbing, I think that ClimbPoint might be useful for climbing wall management provided that it’s used in conjunction with something like QuickBooks POS.

To prepare for this expansion of the beta program, I whipped up a 60-day trial of ClimbPoint which I’m making available on a limited basis. I don’t plan to post the program for download until May, but for the time being any interested parties can request a trial copy by sending a friendly email to contact me




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