ClimbPoint first impressions

21 11 2007

It’s been approximately three weeks since I sent out the first beta version of ClimbPoint to my five testing partners, and feedback so far has been positive. Aside from one small problem in sending out the setup program ClimbPoint BETA Logo(I ended up using yousendit because someone couldn’t get to the original file that I posted), everyone was able to easily install and run the software.

Two of the five testing sites are currently using the software for day-to-day operations, and sound fairly pleased so far. In addition to being dubbed “idiot-proof” by the University of Kentucky, ClimbPoint was identified as being responsible for a “huge increase in customer service” at Indiana-Wesleyan. It seems the “climber comments” feature, which allows staff to record special notes about each visitor, is a big hit.

As I continue to gather this first round of feedback from my testing partners, I’m taking careful notes and considering which features to include in ClimbPoint 0.6. Right now it’s looking like 0.6 will sport some shiny new reporting features along with optimizations for faster climber searching. The challenging (and fun) part of this is making any additions general enough that they could benefit any climbing wall.

In other news, the sweet logo above was created with the Web2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P. Eventually ClimbPoint will have a “real” logo, but the one above will do for now…




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