The Plan

24 10 2007

In developing and commercializing software to manage climbing walls, I’ve read and skimmed a number of books about technology commercialization and software startups. While I’ll probably use insights from each of these resources along the way, I plan to structure most of my activities around a set of processes formalized by Vijay Jolly in the book Commercializing New Technologies.

In the book, Jolly lays out nine phases that any technology commercialization venture needs to pass through in order to be successful. I plan to do a series on each phase over the next month or so, but in the meantime I’d like to focus on the work I’ll be completing during each of three phases:


  • Create a survey to determine potential features of software
  • Review CWA Guidelines to determine essential features of software
  • Perform market research so I can create a business plan

    Mobilizing Resources for Demonstration

  • Contact other sites and participants about surveys
  • Administer surveys
  • Recruit others to focus groups and beta testing (I am here!)


  • Create software requirements and development plan
  • Iterate and release a build of the software
  • Conduct beta testing, incorporate feedback into another iteration

Of course, the tasks above are just an overview of what I’ll be doing during each phase (incidentally, the three phases above represent phases four through six of the overall process) — and they’ll probably make more sense after I explain the entire commercialization process.




2 responses

11 08 2011
Michael Marcus

Great article.
What happened with your startup? Seems as if I’m a few years “after the event”.

11 08 2011
Barrett Myers

Michael — yes, the last couple entries on this blog are about my sales blitz in early 2010. That resulted in a few sales that year, enough to get me to an outdoor conference last fall. But sales wears me out, I’d much rather be adding new features or brainstorming new ideas with current customers. I’ve been doing some of that lately and have been kicking around ideas for a follow-on product. Thanks for asking!

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