Fund Raising Boot Camp at Purdue

28 09 2007

Earlier this week I noticed that Purdue’s Center for Entrepreneurship is hosting a ‘boot camp‘ for two days on October 8 and 9. The theme of the event is “Real World Advice for Starting a Company”.

While I’m not in need of funding, some of the topics that will be covered on the first day look pretty interesting. According to their website, topics include company formation, the importance of human capital, selling your idea, sources of capital, and company valuation.

The second day is designed as a workshop for entrepreneurs who are preparing to pitch their idea to potential investors. The event is free, which makes me slightly more inclined to go check out the first day.

UPDATE: I didn’t go, but would love to hear from others who attended…




One response

30 09 2007
lynn Mae Myers

Sounds like a great opportunity to kick around your ideas and find some free advice. Good that it is right there on campus, so you wouldn’t have to travel, even though you like to do that. Let me know if it was worth your time and what it was like.
much love, MOM

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