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19 09 2007

Here are a few books that I’ve decided to pick up (in one way or another) in an effort to get a few more ideas on strategies for starting a company and commercializing a product.

Many of these books have been recommended by people I know, and they’re all on another startup reading list. I don’t plan to read these cover to cover (at least not yet), but I will skim them for ideas and insights. As always, I’m open to suggestions on other good reading material for aspiring entrepreneurs.




3 responses

20 09 2007
lynn Mae Myers

Hey Barrett, I haven’t any idea about your list, but I was talking with Marilyn Bradley last night and she mentioneda book that she thought you would go for… the 4 hour work week… don’t know the author but I am sure you could find it love MOM

24 10 2007
The Plan « Another Startup

[…] In developing and commercializing software to manage climbing walls, I’ve read and skimmed a number of books about technology commercialization and software startups. While I’ll probably use insights […]

28 03 2008
Learning the Art of the Start - Part 1 « Another Startup

[…] the Art of the Start – Part 1 28 03 2008 One of the books I’ve had on my reading list for some time is The Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki. The book bills itself as the “time […]

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