The quest for a name

8 05 2007

The search is over!

After purchasing countless domain names I’ve finally settled on one that I can live with. The whole search for a name has been much more difficult than I imagined. I began as Leon suggested by creating a list of about 30 names that I could live with (and that weren’t already taken by squatters). PCNames was pretty helpful in screening out the .com names that were already taken, though I’m suspicious that they sell their search results to squatters.

I say this because in the heat of the name search I checked the availability of 4 or 5 times. The fifth time I checked it I noticed that someone else was sitting on it. From then on I used the tool sparingly and was much less hesitant in nabbing potential domain names–after all, 1and1 sells them for about the price of a ham sandwich. As of right now I’m sitting on hangdogsoftware, chisld, climbingwallsoftware, 3dogsoftware, climbpoint, and climbcomplete.

My domain name shopping spree began when my advising professor recommended that I create some official-looking business cards before heading out to Boulder. Originally I had planned to use my Purdue business cards, but his opinion was that people would be more likely to take me seriously if I actually had a name for my company. So I dropped everything and began thinking of a company name, putting all my great product names on the shelf for the moment.

I came up with Hangdog Software and Chisld Technologies, though I wasn’t in love with either of them. My friends seemed to like Hangdog but I was uneasy about it. Climbers use the term ‘hangdog’ to refer to someone who just hangs on the rope, either out of laziness or due to lack of skill. Here are a couple of memorable responses I got to that name while in Boulder:

“Oh, cool. That’ll work.” (This guy was just trying to be nice)
“Why don’t you just call it Sandbag?”
“No way, that’s played out. This hotel has a Hangdog cafe in it.”

They weren’t crazy about Chisld either. So I decided to go back to the drawing board and pick out a product name…eventually I found that was available (again), so I jumped on it this time.

All in all, the whole ordeal was one big roller coaster ride. It could have gone a little smoother had I taken Leon’s advice and stuck with my first choice, but I feel fortunate that I ended up with ClimbPoint. Next up is finding a web host other than Google Apps so I can create the website.




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13 04 2008
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