Going to Boulder

4 03 2007

I received word back this weekend that I’ve been awarded a scholarship to attend the Climbing Wall Association Summit & Managers’ Symposium. I was surprised to hear back so quickly (the deadline for submitting an application was last Wednesday), and was even more surprised to discover that only 150 people will be attending the event. This should be a great opportunity to connect with some prominent people in the industry, and so now I need to figure out why exactly I’m going.

The Summit runs April 12th – 14th, so I’ve got some time to figure out what my objectives for the time will be. I do know that I want to have a name and website for my climbing software ready by then. I talked with Mark this weekend about a potential name for the software, and we came up with about 10 potential candidates. Among my faves are DeskBelay, GymRat, and DataBetaBase (Beta is a climbing term for information).

I’m planning on reviewing the list of candidates according to the guidelines in step 1 of the 25 steps to starting an ISV. I’ll post an update on the name (and maybe even have a vote!) in the next week or so.




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