Hoping to go to Boulder

25 02 2007

I’ve known about the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) Summit in Boulder, Colorado for awhile now but hadn’t seriously considered going. A few weeks ago I received notice that Stratus Insurance Services was offering scholarships to current and past members of the CWA (oh, and one or two for people who have never been members at all).

Since I fall in the last category (membership is more than I’d care to spend) I initially didn’t give the conference much thought. But this weekend I began completing the application, and then snuck a peek at flights to Boulder for the weekend of April 15th. I was pleasantly surprised to see how cheap airfare and hotel accommodations were for the weekend, so now I’m starting to become cautiously optimistic and excited. Of course, the deal’s off if I don’t get the scholarship. But we’ll see what happens.

Below is a snippet from the application, and I think it partially sums up why I’d like to go…

As the sport of climbing continues to grow and new climbing facilities are established, it is important that climbing wall operators are properly equipped to manage their indoor climbing wall. Many operators use a paper system to track climber information and certification. This system is only as reliable as the operator or employee on duty and is less effective for larger facilities. The initial release of my climbing software helps ensure climber safety by storing a climber’s certification level, gear rental preferences, and waiver information. When a climber checks in to climb, the system verifies that the climber is certified and up to date on their training and climbing waiver. In many facilities this information kept on paper in a filing cabinet and is not easily accessible.

The Climbing Wall Summit offers a unique opportunity to meet others who are involved in climbing wall management, people who are well acquainted with the industry and passionate about serving the climbing community. Networking with these professionals will enable me to better understand the best practices, emerging trends, pain points, and pressing needs in climbing wall management. The summit will broaden my perspective of the potential benefits of climbing wall management software and enable me to customize the software to the diverse needs of the recreation management community.




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