Interest and endorsement

19 04 2006

Before attending NIRSA I hadn't thought much about the potential market constituents for climbing wall software. I knew that it could be useful for climbing wall managers, but beyond that I had no idea. I kind of happened upon my first two solid potential market constituents while wandering around the NIRSA expo. There were three climbing wall manufacturers there pimpin their goods.

The first person I talked to was Eric Meade, president and CEO of Entre Prises USA. After I gave Eric a rundown of my idea and showed him some screenshots, he was excited about the possibilities. He said that he'd be very interested in offering software as part of the turn-key solution that Entre Prise sells, and then proceeded to list billions and billions of potential features that this software could offer (which for now I'll keep to myself, thank you very much).

I also spoke with Dustin Bosscher of Nicros Inc., who got me in touch with their president of operations. Evidently there have been quite a few people who have tried to commercialize some sort of climbing software but have come up short. I'm looking forward to talking with the contacts that I've made to find out why.

My hypothesis is that these inventors who started out writing software didn't get enough endorsement for their product before plunging headlong into development. I hope to get the support of at least one climbing wall manufacturer, and more than a few climbing wall facilities. The facilities on my list at present are UK and EKU (for proximity's sake), and the Boulder Rock Club and Boise State (because they're freakin huge).

Incidentally, Boise State is also the location for AORE 2006. If I can find a way to get there on the cheap, it may be worth my while to go (market constituents by the dozens). More on that later though.




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