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8 04 2006

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog perhaps it’s because you know me, or perhaps it’s because 3 dogs software went big time (of course, it’s probably not even called 3 dogs anymore but more on that later). I’m writing this blog to chronicle the journey of an idea to a product, and even more than that: an idea to a business.

I’ve been taking CIT 581U: Technology Product & Service Commercialization with Jim Goldman this semester. In the class we’ve analyzed five phases of the commercialization process, beginning with imagining a product and ending with sustaining growth related to the product. If you’d like to read along, Google Book Search has placed the entire freaking book online. It’s completely searchable and mostly viewable, so it should be a great resource for those of you who don’t want to buy it.

Throughout the course I’ve taken an idea for recreation management software and thought through all five stages, completing marketing and financial plans along the way. Somewhere around the incubation stage, however I realized that recreation management software probably isn’t the way to go. For one thing there are waaay too many kids in the pool, and a lot of them have contaminated the water if you know what I mean.

The basic idea of recreation management software is that recreation centers (in universities or in the community) need a way to keep track of how many members they have, and their members’ activity. As I found out this past week at NIRSA 2006, everybody and their dog has some sort of software to keep track of users, check out equipment, do locker rentals, make sandwiches (or at least sell them), and generate reports on user activity. All of these software solutions are ghetto in their own little way (though on a side note, if I had to choose one I’d probably go with MultiSite Solutions).

Since ditching the recreation management software, I’ve latched onto the idea of software to manage climbing walls and outdoor programs. It does sound like a niche market, but based on the feedback I got at NIRSA I do think there is a market for the software. So I’ll be describing the commercialization process along with other random stuff that I have to figure out as I begin the journey toward “bidness”.

In future posts I’ll be agonizing over a name for this venture, figuring out what phase of this “commercialization process” I’m in, and ranting about financial plans and real options (which are for me right now the astronomy equivalent of super-massive black holes). I’ll also post links to potentially useful stuff, mostly for my benefit (after all, who’s reading this thing anyway?).

So if I haven’t lost you yet, I’m glad you’re here and I hope that we can both learn a lot from this experience.




One response

7 06 2007
lynn Mae Myers

well now I know you are more than just a hit and miss type, or so I have gathered from reading your blog, so I do so have much confidence in your ideas and believe in you wholeheartedly, even if I am your beloved mother. much success and joy to you

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